Cappadocia Turkish Hamam (Turkish bath)

Cappadocia Turkish Hamam (Turkish bath) The hammam is known with his own culture all around the world. The same culture is waiting for you in Cappadocia!

A centuries old legacy

A lot of nationalities has unique bath cultures. In this cultures, the most old one is the Turkish bath. However that the bath culture found in Athene, which was found on 5th centrury b.c., is similar to the Hamam style, the turkish nation institutionalized the bath culture. Especially after the Islam cleaning and water was very important. This was effective in the creation of the bath culture.
The arrival of the Turkish people in anatolia was also effective with the formation of the bath culture rituals. It will be not wrong to say that the Byzantine and roman traditions were also effective in the formation of this ritual, but the unique Turkish architecture contains traditional motifs of the Ottoman bath culture.

Is Hammam a pleasure or curiosity?

However the hammas remains as a cultural legacy in modern life, many people are try to find a hammam nearby. For some of them the hammam is just a curiosity.
In the most movies you can see people in Turkish bath with peştamal ( a loincloth used in hammam). The original properties of hammam began to attract the attention of the modern Turkish generation.

Everything is original

The Cappadocia Turkish bath is offers you an excellent experience to its guests with appropriate services totally unique! We welcome you in the Turkish bath with the all traditions like how it should like be.

Excellent benefits!

The Turkish hammam provides a cleaning system based on sweating. When the guests lay down on göbektaşı (A cirkel in the middle of the hammam, the central point) the pores of the body will open with sweating. The tellak (masseur) will give you a full body massage. This will enable the acceleration of blood circulation. The stress given by the modern life will ended in this way. By opening the pores of the body, the person will feel itself more alive and energetic and will excreted toxins in the body and burning fat. The Turkish bath has very different nature then the modern bathroom. To feel yourself more energitic, more powerful and soft, please contact us for reservation!