Cappadocia Atv Safari

Cappadocia Atv Safari

ATV safari excitement in Cappadocia!

This tour is a very exclusive one! Forget all the tours which you have participate before. Be ready for a excitement and pleasure with history and nature which come together during your trip. To make the hidden paradise of Cappadocia memorable we will make this tour with an ATV. Our aim is to learn you the history and the heritage of Cappadocia and provide you an ATV safari experience.

What is ATV safari?

ATV safari could be expressed as an ride sport. The ATV vehicle has been produced for people who want to break away from the monotony of daily life. It is completely a tool used as hobby. People who are afraid to use motorcycle can comfortably use an ATV. If you are curious about using a motorcycle, you can start with an experience with ATV safari.

Can everybody take a part of ATV safari?

People who are older then 16 years old can join the ATV safari tour accompanied with expert. You don’t need to have a qualification, driving licence or experience because everyone can be an ATV specialist in a short time because of easy handling of the vehicle. Information regarding the use of the vehicle will be given by experts before the trip.

Why Cappadocia?

First of all we will give you an explanation about why a tour like ATV safari was needed. People are drawn by the montone life cycles of daily life. Although in a intensive work cycle they has a little opportunity to go on vacation. Everyone wants to have a different experience and excitement during the few days of vacation. To get rid of the montone regular life choose for ATV safari and to be satisfied with nature and historical landscapes choose for Cappadocia!

Cappadocia is one of the most popular part of Turkey!

Cappadocia is an excellent work of nature activities.There is fire, earth, water and wind in the formation of the chimneys of Cappadocia. Because of this you can see a lot of people from all over the world who came and see this landscape which has been formed 60 million years ago. Of course, not only the activity of nature will make this region worthwhile. Cappadocia has been the home for many civilizations throughout the history and was a central location. Traces of civilizations are still living in Cappadocia. People who make their homes into chimneys, Hittites who dominated here, Christians escaping from Roman persecution and other civilizations who lived in this area. Some of the chimneys became a home and some of them was used as a temple for priests, you can still see the traces of this nowadays. You will see the most popular place of Cappadocia with a great presentation of the tour guide with information about the chimneys. The ATV safari tour will not be limited with only the fairy chimneys, you will also visit favorite places like Avanos, Ürgüp, Akvadi, Ortahisar castles, Aynalı church, Derinkuyu and many more.

Are you ready for the ATV safari tour in Cappadocia?

Every time there is a growing interest in Cappadocia ATV tour to see the history heritage without disconnecting with the nature. Don’t forget! To get away from stress you need to get closer to nature and possible to break out from monotony. The ATV safari tour is offered to foreign and local tourists and will be a great start of a beautiful day.
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