Avanos Jet Boat Tour

Avanos Jet Boat Tour Are you ready for the adventure in Avanos? You will reach the peak of excitement during the Avanos Jet boat tour on the Kızılırmak river. During the boat tour you will see the historical heritage together at the same time located in the town.

Avanos Jet Boat Tours

Avanos is very attractive holiday destination for domestic and foreign tourists because of crafts, heritage and nature offers and the action which it offers to the guests.
The first offer is the jet boat tour on the Kızılırmak river. You will have great time with you loved ones on the red river. Before the tour security regulations will be explained by the crew. You will get your life jacket and your cap. After the preparations has been done you will have an amazing time full of adrenaline!

What will A jet tour in Avanos provide you?

As a company who has experience for a long time in this operation we exactly know that our guests want to see and live the beauty of Anatolia, having a holiday without stress but with a little bit adrenaline. Avanos is one of the touristic places of Anatolia with historical heritage and natural beauty but also a center for many funny and exciting activities.
Avanos jet boat tour provide the guests to see the historic heritage along the red river and provide them adrenaline experience. Speed, sharp maneuvers and 360 degree turns are realized by experts driver on the Kızılırmak river.
The security rules will be active during the tour. Because of this it is forbidden to take pictures during the jet boat tour. To take pictures, the boat will wait for a few minutes on the Kızılırmak river.
You can contact us directly for the exciting jet boat tour.