Uçhisar Finally you come to a place where you can stop and relax after your Cappadocia trip; Uçhisar, 5 km from the city center. Cappadocia is a region if the highest settlements. Now you can enjoy your view of Cappadocia and Uçhisar with your camera and drink. Uçhisar is famous because of the Uçhisar castle, where Christians ilived in the ancient times. Later hidden ways and rooms were discovered in the castle, which were used for hiding. On the top of the castle there are three graves.


As mentioned above, the hidden rooms and roads were discovered in later stadia. In the ancient times the habitants were Christians and is considered that they used this castle. On the top of Uçhisar castle are 3 tombs and is considered that the tombs remains of the Byzantine period. In addition, this tombs are made by hollowing the rocks. Strategically it is chosen as the best location to defence in the ancient period. Uçhisar castle is the highest region of Cappadocia. You need only to pay a very reasonable price as entrance and if you don’t want to climb up the castle, then you can rest and consume in the terrace cafe around the castle. It will be a great place to rest and enjoy your view. If you don’t have any problems with high sun, then it will be pleasureable when you go in the day time. If you don’t want to be in the sun, it is recommended that you go at the night in Cappadocia. Because the sun loves Cappadocia. In the evening you can enjou the view from the Uçhisar castle accompanied by city lights. Watching the sunset from here will be a good idea because it will be a cool and fresh air. Inside the Uçhisar castle there are carved too many homes, shelter, warehouse, cistern and cellar. These rooms are connected to each other by stairs and tunnels. Inside the rooms there are stones slider to control the entry and the exit. The inside of the castle has been built by great science and mathematics in the ancient times. The length of the tombs and the passages are so small that you would think that the giant structures were carved by dwarfs. On the top of the castle there are cannonballs to round up by attack. The church has been the first time in the hands of the Turks during the time of Yıldırım Beyazıt (Bayezid I). In 1960 the castle and the surrounded region had been declared as a disaster area and the houses in the town were moved to a place away from the castle. The surrounding stone houses were restored and are now used as hotels.
You can reach the top of the Castle after you have get your tickets from the Uçhisar castle and walked through the carved tandoori house, wine houses and barns and start from here the view of the region. You can see all of the Vallys and whole Cappadocia from the Pigeon Valley to Avanos from here. You can find also numerous of carved cubes, carved tombs and large cistern. When you look down from the castle you can see on the North the walnut Fairy Chimneys, on the west Nevşehir and Oylu dağı (Oylu mountain), directly in the front of the castle the new Uçhisar town. On the South west is the Hasan mountain. The top of the castle of Uçhisar is the place were you can see the Erciyes dağı (Erciyes mountain) at the best, the source of the formation of the region. Experience romantic hours by watching the sunset with your loved ones..


The Pigeon valley is the largest and the longest valley of Cappadocia. The pigeons, who gave his name to the valley, are located on the eastern slope of the valley. In ancient times people who lived in Nevşehir carved places for water and food for pigeons on the eastern slope. In return for this the habitants used their dung for their gardens. The people from the ancient age tell the taste of the pigeon dung- grown vegetables and fruits. You can see closely the dovecote of the pigeons when you walk through the valley. Don’t forget to take pictures while you walk through the valley. Cappadocia and Uçhisar region is really worth to see it, take pictures of the unique beautiful view and share it with the world. This region will help you to collect memories to not forget.