Ortahisar Ortahisar is a small town located 5 km away from Ürgüp. The most prominent structure is engraved in the time of Etiler called Ortahisar kalesi (Ortahisar Castle) with an altitude of 1200 m and 86 meter high. The castle was used for both strategic and residential purposes. Beneath the castle you will see the civil architecture of Cappadocia. In the slopes of the valley, rocks are carved as a repository for storing potatoes and applles which grown locally and lemon and oranges brought from the Mediterranean region. In 1916 Ortahisar became a town. Today, provided by the tourists a major revenue and growth the economy.


The most of the valleys in Ortahisar merges with Damsa çay (Damsa River). The valley nearby the Damsa river called Üzengi deresi (Üzengi river) is a natural beauty where mineral water is. In the middle of Ortahisar is an caste, so called by the foreign tourists, with a huge Fairy Chimney with hollowed places. There are rooms and halls inside this hollowed places. Although it is difficult to climb up the hill, the beautiful view of Cappadocia from here is worth to see it. You will forget all of your tiredness when you will see the view. There is also a cafe available to drink or eat something against the view. When you put your back to the Fairy Chimneys and take a photo like this, it will look like that Cappadocia appear under your feet. There are many monasteries and churches in Ortahisar like Sarica Church, Cambazli Church, Tavsanli Church, Balkan River Churches, Hallaçlar River monastery. There are many churches in the town Ortahisar and because of this Talaş river has a lot of attention. The houses are rising step by step towards the castle in Ortahisar. In the last years colored and cutted houses are made which are suitable to the characteristic structure in Nevşehir. The rocks in the region are determined as protected area. Ortahisar consists about two neighborhoods called Cedit and Atik. The natural beauty, Citrus warehouses and the old historical buildings are places which are the favorites of the tourists. The habitants of Ortahisar earn the money from the vitibultire and bovine livestock.


Cappadocia Ortahisar Castle

We wrote you a lot about Ortahisar castle above. The castle which has been built for defense and shelter in the past still remains and offers a panoramic view of the Cappadocia region, Ortahisar region and the Fairy chimneys.


The Hallaç Monastry is the most preferred by tourists and is built on large mass. The monastry has survived against all natural phenopmena but it slowly began to collapse. It takes his name from the creek called Hallaç. The monastry was built in the 11th century and was used as monastery for patients. When you go to Cappadocia you should go to see this monastery when it is still standing.

ORTAHİSAR Ethnography Museum

The first and only ethnography Museum was opened in Ortahisar in 2004, described the life in Cappadocia. You can enter the museum with your museum card where the Cappadocia ancient ruins are shown. You will wonder about and explore the ancient ruins of Cappadocia.

Things you can do and see are listed like this but, you can take a guide with you and explore the Ortahisar region on your way. If you could not catch any good picture in the day time, you can also take unique pictures in the evening. You can create beautiful pictures by taking this in the evening with the street lights which light ups the whole town with the Fairy Chimneys when you are on the castle. You can watch the thousands of color shades of Fairy Chimneys and Nevşehir from the castle. When you feel tired in the evening, you can stay at an comfortable great hotel decorated authentic in a cave. You will not want to go when you come to Cappadocia which is a subject to many movies, novels, stories and songs. Every morning you will wake up with a great feeling and will enjoy the soft sand under your feets. We recommend you to take a part of the tours to visit all the beautiful places as planned.