Cappadocia A Spectacular nature formation and a world heritage of the Central Anatolia region: Cappadocia.
This awesome geography, which embrace nature and history, has hosted many civilizations. For example, Erciyes 60 million years ago, Hasandağı and Güllüdağ repulsed by the lava soft layer caused by the ash and appeared with wind and rain erosion which has lasted for million of years. Cappadocia means in the Persian language, "Land of Beautiful Horses". Throughout the history the city has been the center of many civilizations, especially in the Hittites century the rocks with carved houses and churches.has become a giant shelter and center for Christians fleeing the Roman Empire.
Over time with the formation of fairy chimneys, the chimneys has built a bridge from the past to present with the living community where it occurs by bringing their homes and their churches with frescoes in the interior. Cappadocia, which is a province of Nevsehir and one of the key points connected to the Silk Road (İpek yolu) is in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Cappadocia, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, is located nearby and has been formed by the spout by the lava of the volcano around 60 million years ago.
The first settlement has been dated to the Paleolithic era. Cappadocia has become the center of Christianity during the Roman period. The houses and churches which had been carved into the rocks, has become the center of education and ideas by giant refuge for Christians fleeing from Roman oppression. If you want to go on a Tales country journey, Cappadocia is ready to introduce you all the mysteries!