Avanos Red River (Kızılırmak) Avanos is the one who meets the sun’s face of Cappadocia. Avanos is located on the shores of the Red River (Kızılırmak) which you will take the most pleasure in your trip in Cappadocia. This place is also the place for ceramic pottery which has been visited by many tourists. Avanos is located in the North of Nevşehir and has the names like Venessa, Zuwinasa or Ouenasa in the ancient times.

Past based on Hittite century!

Avanos is one of the oldest settlements. In the history the city has been referred to by many different names, though, it have taken the time the name Evronas Bey, is one of the main commanders of the Seljuk Empire, the name has also come up to the present time as Avanos. The different heritage from each other of Avanos attracts the most local and foreign tourists today.

Avanos: The town were people care about earth and handcrafts!

Avanos is a place that take care of soil. The ceramic workshop places are found in every corner were the artisans carved with the hand and turning the soil works perfectly. In this as well, silk and wool carpet weaving workshop will attract the attention of domestic and foreign tourists.

Avanos Pots and Pottery

There are a large number of pottery workshops and these are sold as the most preferred souvenirs by the tourists. This handcraft consist of eliminating the conversion of the mud of the Red River (Kızılırmak) region and the mountains of Avanos with soft and oily clay. In the workshop called ‘İşlik’ the mud will be first dried in the sun and after then in the shade. Finally in straw and sawdust they will be cooked in the oven with care on 800 degrees. Turkey's longest river, Red River (Kizilirmak) has it’s name due to the flowing river near tuffaceous clay and soil color. In the area the pots and jars are made for winter food storage. Also, water jugs are done like in the past. These values are still maintained today in Avanos. Since the Hittite century, various designs from pottery and ceramic art in Avanos is waiting for you. You can not get enough of the taste of dishes made of pottery. The water in the water jugs pretend you an icecold water sensation. We guess that the secret of the systems of the pots will not be solved.

Avanos Vineyards and Winery

Lots of historical sense of Roman tombs, different cultures from the Early bronze age until the young Roman period, caravanserai and mosques can be seen in Avanos. There is not only pottery in Avanos. The second profession of the habbitants are viticulture. The first quality grapes are used in wine- and vinegar production. The high sugar content of the grapes in the wine production makes it more convenience. This has the most interest from the local and foreign tourists from all over the world.

The highlights of Avanos and hanging (swinging) bridge

Our suggestion is that you must wake up with the sunrise in Avanos. When you go to Avanos, live with the sun! We will now tell you how you can find your way out in Avanos. Wake up with the sun in the early morning and take a deep breath. Visit one of the 3 bridges in Avanos, the Stone bridge (taş köprü). Normally you can reach the centrum of Avanos by across these bridge. But if you want you can walk by the sidewalk of the river and walk to the hanging bridge. On the opposite of the green way of the river, you can see the oldest neighborhood of Avanos; Orta mahalle (means ‘middle street’). Here you can see the Bayram tepesi (Bayram hill) which has a great view over Avanos. When you look at your left side you will see here the Stone bridge. Restoration is not allowed to this bridge because of historical value which has been made by craftsmen. Look to your right from the same point and you will see the Avanos mosque and the stone bridge. When you came to the stone bridge you will have a sensation together with fear and fun. This place is considered as the center of Avanos. In Orta mahalle you can find also caves from the ancient age. When you across the hanging bridge you can enter the Yukarı mahalle neighborhood. You can find here all kind of market, restaurants and gift shops. It is possible that you will see the balloons from Cappadocia in Avanos. I prescribed you just a small route which you can start with in Avanos. You will find your way out when you will come to Avanos. Have fun in lovely, smell of history and friendly Avanos.